Meet our heroes

The future is bright. The future is electric. The future is driven by innovative electrified mobile solutions, made by people. Great people create a better tomorrow. Electrification heroes are realizing new transformative ideas. Do you also want to be a change maker?
Meet some of the heroes in Mälardalen working for a better tomorrow.

Moving forward

Meet Johanna Dahlberg, Segment Manager for Hitachi Renewables who is always looking for the right answers to improve things.

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"I like helping people in finding the best version of themselves."

Jenny Jutterström - Team leader engineer at Alstom

Pushing the limits

Meet Daniel Ejnarsson, EMC specialist at Alstom who is always pushing the limits. Click here to read the full story.

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"When you're not stuck doing the same things every day, you'll be happier and more energetic."

Erik Persson - Digital leader Hitachi Energy

Accelerating change

Meet Eva Kvist Östgren, local lead in E-mobility at ABB enabling sustainable change.

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"There is so much competence here, which I feel proud to be a part of."

Eva Kvist Östgren - local lead in E-mobility at ABB

Finding true potential

Meet Erik Persson, digital leader at Hitachi energi, a true visionary who dares to challenge

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Seeking solutions

Meet Elianne Lindmark, technical specialist at Volvo Construction Equipment who sees problems as solutions for something better.

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