Jenny Jutterström - Team leader engineer at Alstom in Västerås.

Making a difference

What makes trains and subways run smoothly? According to Jenny Jutterström the secret behind is ambition, knowledge and a happy team. Jenny was born and raised in Uppsala, just an hour’s drive away from Västerås where she later graduated from Mälardalens University in Software Engineering. Today she works at Alstom in Västerås. As a team leader, Jenny makes sure everything is on track when developing software for trains and subways.

Like the spider in a web Jenny integrates different teams and keeps everyone up to speed during the process of developing software. She’s an omniscient helping hand for the project leaders and supports them from day one, being passionate about giving advice.

I like helping people in finding the best version of themselves. Supporting others in their personal development brings a lot of joy to me. If I can make them feel welcome and comfortable, I know I have made a difference.

Jenny believes a healthy working climate is crucial for developing groundbreaking software. That is the result of a team effort, where everyone is needed.

At Alstom we develop software for the trains of tomorrow and create safe solutions for the future. This is nothing you can accomplish solely on your own, as you need to combine a multitude of skills.

Being involved from day one also implies that you have to take main ideas from point A to point B. From there, the ideas become actual solutions where we can provide safe and sustainable transportation for people around the world. Working in Mälardalen is extremely rewarding since every company in the region is one step ahead, Jenny concludes.

If you want to be part of a region that has taken a huge step into the future of electrification and transportation, you really should come and work in Mälardalen.

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