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Datum 2023-02-06
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[2023-02-06] Electrification operators are gearing up to solve the skills shortage in Mälardalen


The Mälardalen region is home to several world-leading companies in the rapidly evolving electrification, energy and mobility industries. Electrification is a key element in the climate transition and there is a huge need for skills in this area. It is crucial that we attract talents to the region where they can develop in order to be able to manage the transition, both in the region and globally. Electrification Hub has therefore started an initiative that focuses on one of the most important issues in the industry, namely skills supply.

On 25 January 2023, Electrification Hub gathered its entire network of public and private stakeholders in Västerås in an event to join forces on finding, attracting and retaining talent and skills in the region. A unique cluster of actors is currently based in Mälardalen who are currently collaborating to find common solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by electrifying heavy transport. The need for skilled employees is a shared requirement to be able to succeed with electrification. Access to the right skills and employees is necessary for education and research as well as for growth and new companies who are driving the transition, investments and innovation. Electrification Hub collaborates actively with its partners to create innovations and test environments where expanding companies and solutions can be developed faster.

– The reason why we are focusing on talent attraction and skills supply is simple. We have to. We need to build a brand new infrastructure when the energy and transport sectors are merged. Without access to the right skills and innovation, we won’t be able to meet the climate goals, says Elin Svanström at Electrification Hub.

Development is rapid and many companies in the region have a huge need for the right skills. Northvolt’s development operations are located in Västerås and Alstom is also building its global innovation centre for e-mobility there. ABB, Volvo Construction Equipment, Epiroc and many other companies are also located in the region and are undergoing their electrification journey. Hitachi Energy had a goal to increase its number of employees by 1000 people last year, a goal which is also applicable to 2023.

– We welcomed a record number of colleagues last year and can observe equally strong growth ahead of us for this year. Electrification and the entire energy transition are the biggest transformations since the industrial revolution and we have to hire many new people who wish to be involved and contribute to a more sustainable society says Jenny Lundberg, HR Manager at Hitachi Energy, Sweden.

In addition, many subcontractors, start-ups and established small and medium-sized companies are located in the area which are also important in the transition. Because of this, Electrification Hub is working together with a large number of organisations including incubators, entrepreneurship promoters, private sector offices and establishment managers to support the development of companies. Electrification Hub is based at Mälardalen University which has a great deal of experience of working in collaboration with many operators on societal challenges. The proximity to the University creates wonderful opportunities to link research with innovation and implementation.

– The challenges are common to us all and that’s why we must work together to find solutions. By combining the sectors with academia, industry associations, entrepreneurs and public bodies we can try to be better equipped for the future says Mikael Hjorth at Electrification Hub.

Role models from industry pave the way

During the event, which brought together public and private stakeholders, education providers, incubators and HR managers in the industry, several films focusing on role models from industry were launched. Through these stories, you can follow the "Electrification heroes" in Mälardalen who work on the front line to reduce the climate impact of heavy goods vehicles.

– The electrification sector is a growing industry of the future where you can be involved in shaping a sustainable society. By highlighting these change makers, we want to promote the fantastic opportunities that exist and encourage more people to work, live and settle here in Mälardalen, Elin Svanström concludes.

Electrification Hub

Electrification Hub is a collaboration platform that gathers cutting-edge expertise in joint efforts to accelerate the development of electrification, energy and electromobility and further drive climate change in Sweden and internationally. The goal is to help reduce the environmental impact of heavy transport in Sweden, which involves a 70 per cent reduction in emissions.

For more information about the film series "Electrification Heroes" click here:

Electrification Hub’s collaborative partners:

ABB, Alstom, Epiroc, Hitachi Energy, InnoEnergy, Mälardalen University, Northvolt, Region Västmanland, RISE, Svealandstrafiken, Uppsala University, Volvo Construction Equipment and Västerås City.

Electrification Hub is co-financed through the European Regional Development Fund.

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